Our Health and Safety

As a leading commercial contractor, we follow the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015

Health & Safety

Grün is committed to making Health and Safety a critical part of their business. As a result, Grün is positioning itself as a leader in implementing its best-practice standards in the industry and shaping a new way of thinking and acting about health and safety. 
As a leading commercial contractor, we conscientiously follow the Health & Safety at Work Act 2015.
We maintain a Health & Safety system of the highest standard (ISO45001). In addition, we are independently audited to assure our clients that our system is part of our overall business DNA and our everyday site practices. 

Health and Safety management and commitment create a framework that includes excellent health and safety policy and resulting documentation. This includes having transparent Health and Safety accountabilities and responsibilities allocated throughout the business. 

Grün has procedures for the pre-qualification of contractors and subcontractors. There is an expectation of Health and Safety performance standards, and that these contractors develop appropriate work method statements for the work, they will be commissioned to carry out.

Contractors and subcontractors are inducted onto sites and must conduct daily tailgate/toolbox pre-start meetings.

We also have processes to monitor and audit contractors and subcontractors to ensure compliance with the required health and safety standards. 


The team is committed to a comprehensive quality assurance and management system. Quality concepts are integrated into all our processes.

This process is established to provide: 

  • Identification of objectives and outcomes

  • Measurement of results

  • Focused service planning for outcomes

  • Verification of deliverables 

  • Critical analysis and improvement identification

  • Improvement actions, training, and development necessary to achieve continuous improvement 


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